Asda pet insurance provides great value pet insurance cover for your cat or dog so should they become ill or get injured, Asda can help with the vet’s bills, consultation or medication or costs, also Asda pet insurance policies now includes 12 months free pet back protect from the missing pets bureau.

If your cat or dog is aged between eight weeks and eight years old (or eight weeks and five years old in the case of some breeds of dog) Asda can cover them, Asda pet insurance helps you cover the cost of treatment being there for you and your pet when you need them the most.

Because your animal is really important to you, you can choose which level of cover you feel is right for them, so your pet will get the best care and you can feel looked after also.

Asda pet insurance covers your cat or dog for up to £1,500 as standard (excess applies) of veterinary bills for each injury or illness, your pet is covered for things like; X-rays, surgery, medication, & nursing.

You can also add extra options to your Asda pet insurance to suit your budget & needs such as additional vet bill cover up to £6,000, third party liability or pet travel insurance.

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