UK Pet Insurance

PetInsure allows you to compare UK pet insurance online to find the best UK pet insurance quotes.

You can compare the maximum veterinary fees covered as the UK pet insurance policies from each company have different amounts that will be cover these important fees.

You can compare UK pet insurance starting prices for both cats & dogs and compare the UK pet insurance online discounts available to drop the price of your insurance premium.

Each UK pet insurance company provides different types and levels of pet health insurance cover for birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses & other.

UK Pet insurance premiums will be reduced if you insure your pet early on, with most pet insurances available to buy from about 8 weeks old.

Good UK pet insurance should also include cover for getting stolen or killed & some UK pet insurance policies help pay towards the costs of advertising a lost animal and providing helplines.

Pets are more important to people now than they ever have been before. To many pet owners, their pet is regarded almost like a child and not just an animal. Not since the days when dogs were used to help hunt food for tribes of early humans have pets enjoyed living in such close proximity to their human owners.

Along with the cost and care of responsibly keeping pets comes the issue of health care. While it may seem frivolous to some, pet owners will go to great lengths to protect the health and welfare of their beloved cats, dogs, and other pets. Unsurprisingly, when large health issues come up, the bills that accompany them can be extremely large as well.

So many pet owners have taken up a new spin on a not-so-new standard practice: health insurance. UK pet insurance is a booming new industry that is enjoying a steady increase in activity each year. And for good reason.

Over the span of an average pet’s lifetime, routine checkups and shots can cost hundreds each year. That’s only for a healthy animal. If and when a pet’s health deteriorates with age, in the case of a medical emergency, or if there is an unexpected illness pet veterinary costs can skyrocket into the thousands. No matter how financially responsible any family is, shelling out thousands of pounds for a sick pet will always come as a harsh blow.

UK pet insurance can vary nearly as much as human health insurance according to the providers and the plans they offer. Prices for UK pet insurance will vary with the amount of coverage you are obtaining as well as the applicable deductible you choose.

Some plans are extremely basic and only cover routine checkups and regularly scheduled shots as well as catastrophic emergencies. Other, more comprehensive UK pet insurance plans will cover everything from routine checkups to prescription medications and outpatient surgery. Also like human health insurance, UK pet insurance providers range from extremely reliable and reputable to fly-by-night operations. For both of these reasons, you would be wise to conduct thorough research on any UK pet insurance company that you are considering.

Your pet is not just a dog or a cat to you; they are an extension of your family. Nothing is worse than making the difficult decision between the well-being of a sick or injured pet that you love and being able to pay your bills. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst with reliable UK pet insurance.