John Lewis

Insuring Your Pet Through John Lewis Pet Insurance

The John Lewis Partnership is a corporation which provides services to include department store and catalogue shopping and insurance services. This corporation involves over 70,000 employees who are considered partners in their various lines of business. The John Lewis department stores were voted Britain’s Favourite Retailer in March of 2011. This commitment to quality, customer service and customer loyalty are what make John Lewis Pet Insurance an important part of the corporation’s services.

Insuring a pet through John Lewis Pet Insurance involves completing an application and making decisions regarding the type of pet insurance policy that you might require. Since there is no upper age limit for this type of insurance, even your older pet may qualify. The policies begin with puppies aged eight weeks old or older and continue throughout the life of the pet. Premiums are inexpensive and the coverage includes benefits that you may not have considered for your animals.

Some benefits that you might require include payment of veterinarian’s fees and coverage for a pet that is lost or stolen. You can purchase a policy which includes payment for the creation of advertisement or fliers to help locate a lost dog or cat. The policy could be tailored to cover a reward for the return of a lost pet. Some policies even cover accidental damage caused by your pet. For example, if your dog strays into a neighbour’s yard and ruins flower bed, your pet insurance can help to cover the cost of damage repair.

For your show animal or your house pet, insurance coverage can offset the cost of visiting your veterinarian even routinely. There are policies tailored for routine dental cleanings and vaccinations with your local animal care physician. These can include hospitalisation for your dog or cat if he or she is involved in an accident or requires surgery. There are even policies that offer death benefits and burial coverage. Many people choose to have their pet cremated and the cost can be quite high. With John Lewis Pet Insurance, you can afford these services without breaking into your savings account.

As animal owners, we care about our pets and we spend time and money and effort in keeping them healthy and happy. Taking care of an aging animal can get costly. John Lewis Pet Insurance can help to defer some of that cost, especially when you want to give your pet the best care possible. In the event of an emergency, John Lewis Pet Insurance can be a friend to both you and your beloved animal.