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Protect Your Bubble, located at, provides many types of insurance to residents in the United Kingdom via their online services. Operations also occur in other countries. Among the featured types of insurance is pet insurance, which is an area of insurance that is growing in demand.

Protect Your Bubble provides pet insurance for dogs and cats only. For owners with multiple pets, there is a 5% discount for additional pets. Quotes are calculated on an individual basis. The lowest monthly price for dogs is £3.66, and the lowest monthly price for cats is £3.43.

There are three different levels of coverage, known as Economy, Standard, and Premier. Naturally, the quote will reflect the level of coverage. The Premier level features £7,500 of coverage of veterinary costs throughout the entire lifetime of the policy per condition. The individual policy includes the particulars of what defines a “condition.” The Premier level of coverage also features up to £750 for the death of a pet due to injury or illness, but this does not apply to dogs older than 9 or cats older than 11 years of age. The Premier level also has holiday cancellation reimbursement up to £2,000 if a pet requires emergency surgery that interferes with pre-existing holiday plans. There is also coverage for animals- dogs specifically- that cause damage involving a third party.

The Standard level of coverage allows £4,000 of coverage for veterinary costs throughout the entire lifetime of the policy per condition. The Economy level of coverage features £1,000 over the 12 month policy period for veterinary costs.

There is no maximum age limit on pets insured, but pets must be at least 8 weeks old. Plans are calculated based partly on age but also on the breed of the animal and the geographic location. Provided on the website is a file describing all of the policy levels in particular detail so that an owner can make the best possible decision for pet coverage.

Pets can incur health costs as surely as humans, so pet insurance can be very appealing. provides a number of insurance types, and pet insurance is one of the many services provided.