VetsMediCover Pet Insurance Made Simple

VetsMediCover is a U.K. company that understands you want to provide the best possible care for your dog or cat in times of medical crisis. They also understand that you don’t have time to worry about the fine print and the hassles that come along with some insurance companies. For only 18 pounds a month for your dog or 14 pounds a month for your cat, you will provide your pet with 10,000 pounds a year of veterinary medical care coverage. That’s it! There really are no strings attached. If your pet is between 8-weeks and 8-years of age, has no pre-existing medical conditions, hasn’t been sick in the last 14 days, isn’t used for guard-dog work or racing, and isn’t classified as dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1997, he is eligible for coverage.

VetsMediCover has thought of everything. If your pet gets sick, injured, develops a diagnosed behavioural problem requiring therapy, or develops a medical condition requiring long-term treatment, he’s covered. If your pet causes an accident, there’s even a 1,000,000-pound third-party liability. And, your pet is covered for life. As long as you pay the premium, you have the coverage. Premiums can be paid monthly or yearly, and you have 10,000 pounds per year in coverage with only an 80-pound excess fee. This plan is also valid for the life of your pet.

As with any great deal, there are some restrictions and limitations. You are responsible for routine vet-care such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations and boosters, pregnancy and cosmetic surgery, putting them to sleep, if needed, and any other care which is not required by a veterinary professional.

The plan is simple to use. If your pet is required treatment by a veterinarian, simply call the claims administrator prior to having the treatment performed to receive authorisation for the treatment. If, however, your pet requires emergency treatment, your veterinarian is authorised to perform any necessary emergency operation. You simply call the claims administrator as soon as it is practical, within 30 days, after the surgery.

Your policy will become effective on the date of order and payment, and your pet will be fully covered 14 days after the effective date. The policy is underwritten by White Horse Insurance (Ireland). If you have any further questions or are interested in starting a policy, please visit Vets Medi Cover at their website: