Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends the UK pet insurer that donates its net profits to support animal charities worldwide will now offer perhaps the widest range of pet insurance options currently available in the UK and the most comprehensive.

The policies on offer will include full lifetime cover giving up to a staggering £40,000 per condition for life to a unique entry level product, an Accident Only Policy, which starts at just £3.27 per month for dogs.

All new polices apart from Accident Only will also now include Free Overseas Travel Cover as standard allowing up to £2,000 emergency vets fees cover in the EU for those who take their pets with them on holiday.

Animal Friends will offer 7 different policy options ensuring there is a product for every pocket and need. To further help pet owners in difficult financial times Animal Friends will offer 2 choices of vet fee Excess £49 or £99 giving customers a further chance of reducing premiums by selecting the higher Excess.

Animal Friends will continue to insure pets at any age so even older pets can be insured for the 1st time with premiums being kept low by a method of co-insurance which makes things fair for those who find they don’t have to claim.

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