Virgin Pet Insurance

With Virgin money pet insurance you can choose from 3 levels of cover for your cat or dog, starting from just £4.00 a month.

Virgin multi pet discount – insure one pet with them and all other pets will get a 5% discount.

Multi product discount – if you already have virgin’s car insurance, house insurance or travel insurance you willl save 10% on your pet insurance and if you apply online and you will get another 10% off.

Virgin pet insurance offer three types of cover;

Accidental injury is the cheapest way of insuring your pet, designed to help cover one off, unexpected costs if your dog or cat is involved in an accident, it also includes lots of other benefits.

Accident and illness, this covers your pet against accidents & illness, with a maximum time and amount virgin money will pay out for each condition.

Accident and illness extra, this is the maximum cover, it covers your pet from the start of any accident or illness for the rest of the animals life or until you reach the maximum amount virgin willl pay out.