Petprotect Pet Health Insurance

For so long, the kind of care and protection that was only afforded the human members of the family can now be provided for the family pet. Why shouldn’t our precious loved ones all be entitled to the same level of great care? Finally there is one plan that provides the most comprehensive cover. Offering a well thought out sophisticated system of protection, Pet Protect has been helping customers meet the costs of veterinary treatments for twenty-eight years.

Pet Protect is part of Pethealth Inc which is an international group that has been specialising in pet insurance and pet care services to veterinarians, rescue centres and pet owners. With this triad of care, the only other element that has provided the most complete peace of mind has been the advent of the PetProtect Micro chip ID. This new microchip and missing pet recovery service aids their other services, and helps support the continued dedication to animal health and pet welfare.

With over half a million pets and their owners recognising the great value of the most sensible protection for their pets, this added layer of modern scientific protection is always working to ensure recovery should your pet go astray or wind up missing. With no mistaking identification, your pet’s welfare comes first in approved medical treatment while efforts are being made to reunite you with you beloved family pet.

Shared commitment is largely what makes the world a better place. Behaviour therapy is fully covered and is very important especially for the rescue animal that may tend to need treatment for such problems as aggression or separation anxiety. Pet Protect takes an holistic approach to caring as much as you do about your pet. Check out the site and check the comparison page, get a quote, get peace of mind. You can check out the Emergency Care, Lifelong Extra and Lifelong Plus Protection Plans in addition to Dog and Cat Insurance. Pet Protect thinks differently.

Here are just a few of the unique benefits available:

• Up to 50% towards clinical diet foods
• Dental cover to nurture health and wellbeing
• Recovery costs
• Complementary Therapies
• Quick Claims Assessment
• Congenital and Hereditary Conditions Cover
• Pre-Authorised Lifesaving Cover for Micro chipped Pets
• Third party liability

Highlighting some of the advantages are vet fees benefit of up to £6,000 per year; complementary therapies such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicine; UK-Based Customer Service; Travel Cover; Emergency Vet fees and the list goes on. It is really worth your while to stop by the site and check them all out.