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Petpals Direct Pet Insurance

Statistics show that more persons are now buying items for pets than for children. It is not surprising as pets make the best companions in the world. They are great listeners, never leave you, love you unconditionally and never talk back.

The only problem is that in this fragile economy when everyone is looking for ways to be able to save their money it can be sometimes be difficult to maintain a pet. A good caretaker knows that pets need checkups and care at all times. This is particularly true when they are ill. There is a great solution for this problem and that is the UK pet insurance company. Pet insurance works similarly to health insurance for humans. It is available if needed in case the pet has an illness or suffers an accident.

When this happens, the last thing one needs is to worry how it will all be paid. All one wants to worry about is that their loving companion will be taken care of with good veterinary care. is an experienced company that has been insuring pets since nineteen eighty three. Owners of British pets have been depending on to assist with their veterinary’s bills for over twenty five years.

The costs are very reasonable as they start at only £4.88 per month for cat insurance and about £8.13. for dogs, and go up depending on the breed and area. All of the information is very detailed because no one wants surprises when their pet is sick. It is a very flexible plan as its your choice if you would like them to pay the veterinary directly or to pay you. The claims are paid fast, there is no need to be waiting for many weeks and months. Within seven days your claim will be processed and their customer service agents reside in the UK, not outsourced. They are experienced and live in your area.

If you have an older pet do not think that it might be too late for insurance. There is no penalty because your pet has lived a long life. The will insurance a cat that is only six weeks old or a dog that is eight weeks old and there is no cap on age. No need to wait to start coverage, your pet will be covered right away. For an older cat the insurance starts at a low £9.75 per month and £1,500 per illness or accident. Older dogs start at £16.25 per month, and £2,000 for veterinary fees per illness, again depending what breed of cat or dog and which area they reside in. There is no reason for your dear friend not to have Petpals Direct insurance.