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Affordable Pet Insurance from Green Insurance Company

Your pet is a part of your family and you want to make sure your pet receives the proper veterinarian medical care. Unfortunately, there may be unexpected medical bills due to accidents or an undiscovered illness. The cost of veterinarian care can be quite expensive. Many people are choosing pet insurance to help pay for the cost of medical care for their pets. The Green Insurance Company is one of the few insurance companies that offer a variety of comprehensive medical plans for pets.

The Green Insurance Company is dedicated to protecting the environment and providing affordable insurance such as car insurance and pet insurance. The company participates in many environmentally friendly programs such as forestry projects and is involved with many other community efforts.

The company offers a variety of pet insurance options and the price increases with the amount of coverage you choose. The company offers the following five plans:

Accident Only

This plan covers £2,000 of veterinary fees and £500 for dentistry. The policy has a lifetime condition limit of £10,000. This plan provides basic coverage in the event of an accident that harms your pet.

Standard Plan

This plan is a more comprehensive medical plan. It covers medical fees, dentistry, quarantine costs, death benefit and even covers £100 toward special diet costs. The dentistry coverage for this plan is £1,000. In addition, there is £750 coverage for daily minding fees.

Annual Lifetime Extra

This plan offers all the features of the standard plan; however, many of the features have a higher benefit. For example, the lifetime condition limit is unlimited and the standard plan has a limit of £2.000.

Lifetime Plus

This plan provides £7,000 coverage for veterinary fees per year. This coverage is not limited per condition as the other plans. It includes all of the options of the standard plan, however, many of the options allow for a higher benefit.

Ultimate Life Time Plus

If you pet requires a great deal of dentistry treatments, this plan covers up to £2,000 of dentistry fees. In addition, it contains a £1,000 daily minding benefit and £1,000 for boarding kennels.

All of the plans except the Accident Only plan include many benefits such as loss of documents, advertising and reward, holiday cancellation and much more.

You will need to consider your pet’s health and dentistry needs when choosing a plan. Also, if you board your pet when you are off on holiday or use daily pet minding care, you want to choose a policy with benefits to reduce your out of pocket expenses.

The premiums for pet insurance start as low as £5.23 per pet. If you have a new puppy or kitten, coverage will begin at eight weeks old. The pet insurance the Green Insurance Company offers is limited to cats and dogs.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for your pet, you can request a quote online. You will want to provide accurate information regarding your pet’s age and health. Once you receive your quote, you can choose the plan that best meets the needs of your pet and your pocket book.

The cost of veterinary and dental care for pets continues to increase. If your pet has health or dental issues, you may wish to consider obtaining pet insurance. However, if your pet only requires annual visits you may feel pet insurance is unnecessary. Since the pet insurance also includes a dental benefit, you may choose to buy a policy to help pay for the cost of keeping your pet’s teeth healthy.