Direct Line Pet Insurance

With Direct Line pet insurance you save 15% when you buy online.

Vets bills can cost you thousands, but with direct line, you can pay from just £6.00 a month for cats & from £8.00 a month for dogs, to protect your pet and avoid the high costs

Quick summary of the direct line pet insurance cover;

Direct Line cover cats and dogs, pets must be currently in good health and aged between eight weeks and up to nine years, up to six years for some breeds, UK residents only, essential policy covers vets fees up to £4000 for a maximum of 12 months treatment for each illness, injury or disease, advanced policy covers vet’s fees up to £6000 per condition and with no time limit on reaching this amount.

Additional direct line pet insurance cover options are;

Advertising fees up to £1000 if your cat or dog should stray or is lost or stolen.

Holiday cancellation up to £1,000 due to loss, illness or injury of your pet.

Up to £1,500 purchase price reimbursement if your pet is lost through theft, straying or death.

Up to £1000 pet boarding costs if you have to go into hospital for more than four days.

Up to £20 towards the cost of vaccinations valid until the 31st March 2008.

Third party liability & legal liability for dogs causing injury to another person or damage to their property up to 2 million pounds, cover only available for dogs.